As an inspirational business coach, Janet takes a very pragmatic approach to coaching, focusing on the specific actions an entrepreneur needs to do in order to lay the proper basic foundation of a business.  The foundation of a business has to be strong before one can build upon it or expand it. Otherwise, it will collapse or cause issues down the road. At the same time, Janet inspires and motivates her clients to be excited and passionate about the developing business.


Janet combines business sense and positive-energy mindset with action-driven steps, guiding a budding business owner in the important basics of a business: formation structure options, how to make oneself qualified, contracts, accounting, insurances, taxes, payroll, customer management, advertising, keeping paperwork and supplies organized, and more.


Having launched 4 businesses during her lifetime and having worked in corporate America for over 25 years, Janet learned the importance of setting the proper infrastructure. When you begin a business, you want to achieve a solid footing and be on stable ground. Set up the business correctly right from the beginning. Janet coaches her business clients on the specific details to set the business up, holds them accountable to accomplish tasks from session to session, and inspires and motivates her clients to go forth with their businesses.


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Certified member of the Photo Managers.

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