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Do You Work From Your Car? How Do You Keep Your Auto Office Organized?

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You have heard of home offices and business offices. What about car or auto offices?  Many people, like myself, have traveling offices whereby we are on the road a tremendous amount of time seeing clients and visiting job sites, and we need to work inside our cars.  

How does one stay organized in a car? How can one work efficiently in a compact space?

This blog discusses auto organizing tips to maintain an organized car and auto office.

  1. The picture above is from my car. It is an electrical and USB power source with a cigarette lighter connection. I use this often to recharge my laptop, cell phone, and hot spot, especially if I have a Zoom call to do from the car.
  2. If you need to compose a report or letter, having a portable desk that attaches to your car’s steeling wheel can provide your hands the support they need to type for long periods. Here is a sample of one to give you an idea: Cutequeen Trading car 1pcs Eating/Laptop Steering Wheel Desk Black. There are many choices on the internet if you search “steering wheel desk.”
  3. There are hook hangers that you can attach to the headrests in cars to hold umbrellas, bags, water bottles, totes, etc. so they are neatly arranged in the car and not thrown all over. Here are two examples of hooks: EldHus AB Ofspower 4-Pack Car Vehicle Back Seat Headrest Hook Hanger Storage for Purse Groceries Bag Handbag and High Road Contour CarHooks Car Headrest Hangers – 2 Pack (Black)
  4. Keeping supplies, literature, brochures, packets, and promo items that you need to take to clients can be stored in a car trunk organizer and be collapsed if you need to remove it to clean the car or convert the car to personal use. Here are two examples of trunk organizers: FORTEM Car Trunk Organizer, Collapsible Storage, Non-Slip Bottom, Securing Straps and Julema Backseat SUV Trunk Organizer, Car Back Seat Hanging Storage Organizer – Free Your Trunk Space. There are many different designs on the internet so you should evaluate your needs and find the one that best serves your business.
  5. Having your business supplies close at hand in the car makes you look professional from your auto office while you are conversing with clients. You don’t look so efficient if you constantly tell a client to hold on while you look for a pen, paper, calendar, etc.  Be organized in the car and the client will never know from where you are taking their call. Do pull over and stop your car when you are reaching for these tools so you are both safe and you don’t yell or swear when someone cuts you off the road. Here is a link to an example of a passenger seat organizer: DMoose Car Front Seat Organizer with Laptop and Tablet Storage, Compact Passenger Side Caddy with Neoprene Water Bottle Pockets, File Folder Sleeves, and Space Saving Compartments
  6. Controlling litter is very important in your auto office. Placing a grocery bag on the floor of the passenger seat can work, but a more attractive trash can, especially if you drive people around in your car, like a real estate agent, is to have a console or headrest car trash can with a lid. Here is an example of one: High Road StashAway Console and Headrest Car Trash Can with Lid
  7. If you drive a team member or client around in the passenger seat, you may need an organizer on the back of the driver seat or, for easier reach, the passenger seat. Here are two examples of organizers for the back of the car seats: ULEEKA Car Backseat Organizer with 10″ Table Holder, 9 Storage Pockets Seat Back Protectors Kick Mats for Kids Toddlers, Travel Accessories, Black, 2 Pack and Zohzo Car Back Seat Organizer with Tablet Holder – Touch Screen Pocket for Android & iOS Tablets up to 10.5″ – Multipurpose Use as Auto Seat Back Protector, Kick Mat, Car Organizer. If you have one on the back of each seat, then you could use the second one for personal needs or children’s needs. And, you can get one that is insulated to hold water bottles or your lunch: KAFEEK Car Seat Organizer/Auto Seat Back Organizer/Multi-Pocket Travel Storage Bag/Insulated Car Seat Back Drinks Holder Cooler/Storage Bag Cool Wrap Bottle Bag with Mesh Pockets (Heat-Preservation)
  8. If you are wearing a business suit and want to hang it so that it doesn’t get wrinkled while you drive and doesn’t get stained from a drink or food you have in the car, you can actually put it on a hanger from the back of your headrest instead of dangling it from a hook that can block your view out the side windows. Here is an example of that: Sierra Car Valet, solid wood in black color, matching black hardware, fits in the headrest support bracket.
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