The Importance of Organizing Your Makeup #organizer #professionalorganizer

The Importance of Organizing Your Makeup

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Women seem to collect large amounts of make-up: Partially because they are enticed by stores offering gift-with-purchase promotions; or, cosmetics representatives do free makeovers whereby women become excited to purchase those products; or, there are home facial and make-up parties or automatic scheduled deliveries of make-up; and, international travel brings duty-free purchases of make-up.

Hence, the large quantities of cosmetic bottles, creams, jars, brushes, sponges, sticks, powders, tubes, etc. become overwhelming and difficult to organize. But there are some important reasons why you need to organize make-up:

1. Make-ups expire and should not be used beyond those expiration periods. Like medicines, make-ups and creams should not be put into medicine cabinets where temperature changes can affect the chemical balance. Merle Norman Cosmetics, in its Beauty News, Volume One 2019, provided a wonderful list of the shelf-life of opened make-up. Visit a store near you to obtain the newsletter.

2. You can save time when you are getting dressed if you have your make-up items grouped together. You should group like-with-like, i.e. keep all eyeshadows you are currently using together, all lipsticks, all blushes, and so forth so that you do not have to dig around looking for the color you want. I like to line up my make-up in the order that I apply it. The concealers go in the first row, the primers and foundations in the second row, the powder and blush the third row, the eyeshadows in the fourth row, the eyeliner and mascara in the fifth row, etc.

3. You will save money if you organize your make-up and inventory what you already have and what you are running low on. This way you can say “no” to buying at seasonal sales because you already have enough of that product.

4. You will save space if you organize your make-up. Being organized is extremely important especially if you are sharing your bathroom with others. Here are some examples of make-up organizers:

5. By having your make-up organized you will not be embarrassed when family members or guests enter your bathroom. Your make-up routine should be a private, self-care process.

After organizing your make-up products, you will be able to know what you are actually using. You will have space for the items you love, you will have removed expired products, and you will make better purchasing decisions.

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